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Putting Time Back in Your Life To Allow You To Do What You Truly Love

The individuals we connect with often seek to delegate their finances in order to spend more time with their family, career or life passions.

At Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors, we have made a commitment to excellence in everything we do. That’s why we aim to help you clarify your financial goals to live the life you dream of.

Our clients all have different needs and different strategies in place, but we know that we all align on the values of planning, preparation, and accountability. 

Below are a few (but not all!) of the common households and families we work with:

<strong>Dual Income &#38; Recently Married&#160;</strong>

Dual Income & Recently Married 

For the recently married, the future is bright and exciting! With that comes the daunting task of making a financial plan and working towards your financial future as a couple. 

Here are some of the ways we have helped our newly married couples:

  • Planning for major purchases (i.e. car, home)
  • Consolidating accounts and combining all finances
  • Evaluating and establishing a debt strategy
  • Planning for kids
  • Understanding and utilizing all employee benefits
  • And MORE!
<strong>Married Household with Young Kids</strong>

Married Household with Young Kids

For our clients who have young kids, we know that their time is rarely their own. Outsourcing all financial considerations and planning is the utmost priority for those households with babies or small children.

Here are our priorities for those households with young children:

  • Cash flow analysis with frequent updates (kids are expensive!) 
  • Managing your debt strategy
  • Evaluating and purchasing necessary life, disability, or long term care insurance
  • Establishing a diversified investment strategy
  • And MORE!
<strong>Married Household with Teenage Children</strong>

Married Household with Teenage Children

For households with teenage kids, it is time to think about paying for college and life as an empty-nester. It's also important to focus a little more on your retirement and how it is tracking for you and your spouse.

The key ways we have helped those households with older children are:

  • Tuition and education planning
  • Assess retirement savings and evaluate retirement strategy
  • Establishing an estate plan for when you are no longer around to provide
  • Conduct a new cash flow analysis for when the kids have left
  • And MORE!

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