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Investment Management

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We build durable portfolios that have long-term predictable outcomes. We design portfolios and strategies to skillfully navigate our clients through changing markets. You will have your own unique investment allocation. 

The following components are key to our investment approach:

Fiduciary, Fee-based Compensation

As a fee-based investment manager, we do not take commissions from anyone and we are not paid to direct business to any entity. We receive fees as a percentage of assets under management. This creates a fiduciary relationship with our clients as well as a long-term partnership.

Customized Goals-Based Approach

Our initial engagement begins with a conversation regarding your goals. We discuss your time horizon, income needs, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tax sensitivity and the overall purpose and growth objectives of your funds.

Portfolio Assessment & Asset Allocation

We conduct an evaluation of all existing investments and then build portfolios from the top down by matching your risk tolerance with the asset allocation that is right for you. Our philosophy is to concentrate our efforts on the total portfolio composition and how assets are allocated throughout the various financial sectors.

Portfolio Diversification & Risk Management

Our top-down asset allocation ensures proper diversification, which is the key to good investment performance. Each portfolio is designed to provide growth consistent with your goals and your comfort level with risk. Portfolios are diversified among stocks, bonds, and alternative investments. We pay particular attention to managing risk in portfolios. The three main areas that we focus on are volatility, downside risk, and broad exposure. 

Taxes Minimization & Investment Costs

We construct portfolios to minimize the impact of taxes. We consider the differences between types of accounts that a client may hold: taxable, tax-deferred retirement vehicles, and trusts. Each of these accounts may have differing tax considerations so it is important that a comprehensive tax strategy exists across all accounts. We will also employ a tax loss harvesting strategy when appropriate. We believe the cost to invest is critical in portfolio construction. Portfolios are constructed to represent the asset classes and markets we target at the least expensive cost. 

Performance Measurement

For performance monitoring purposes, we independently calculate investment performance from each manager. Investment returns are monitored continuously and we prepare a customized performance report that is distributed to you on a quarterly basis.

Monitoring, Meeting, and Reporting

We meet with our clients as frequently as each client requires. Generally, when we are first engaged, meetings (or calls) may be monthly while we go through the asset allocation, manager structure, investment policy development, and manager selection process. Once those decisions have been made and after we assist our clients in their implementation, meetings are typically held quarterly.