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Our Value

We want you to see the full value of a relationship with Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors. Let us answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you.

What's the value proposition of hiring Twin Peaks Wealth Advisors (TPWA)? 

  1. Save hours of time researching financial planning topics and investment strategies.
  2. Moving to action on financial planning items and investment strategies that may have otherwise been placed on your mental backburner.
  3. Avoid the common mistakes.
  4. Know you’re striving to maximize opportunities available to you.
  5. Have someone outline your goals and hold you accountable to them.
  6. Have new ideas brought to you proactively and regularly.
  7. Consistently take action towards your goals by design rather than by default.
  8. Access to alternative investments, risk-managed investing, and separately managed accounts that are available institutionally.

 What makes you different? What can you help me with that I won’t get somewhere else?

  1. We show you, don’t just tell you.
  2. We take an educational approach in evaluating planning and investing strategies with our clients. We look at multiple approaches and educate you about the benefits and considerations of each path.
  3. Twin brothers born and raised in the Bay Area who are committed to making sure that people in our communities have access to an experienced financial partner.

Also, with Exit Planning, the game is completely different. The tax code around equity compensation is complicated, and it takes experienced financial consultants and CPAs to tackle its strategy. We think it is important that people know the advanced strategies out there when dealing with their equity, and we have been helping clients strategically navigate exits for 13 years.

 We offer a full service Estate Planning package that is an end-to-end planning strategy  for you. We will educate you on the documentation, discuss general estate planning and gifting strategies, refer the drafting of the documents to trusted estate planning attorneys, and more. We believe estate planning is a critical component to getting your financial house in order.

What if I only need advice on an ad-hoc basis?

If you have some money and just want advice on investments, you can check out our flat-fee investment packages. We give you the advice. You implement.

If you just want some topic-specific advice on an ad-hoc basis, that’s fine too! We charge $400/hour for our consulting advice. 

Some wealth advisors have a minimum. What if I do not have enough money to work with you? 

While we do have an asset minimum for our Complete Wealth Management packages, all of our other packages are flat fee. Our flat fee packages give us the flexibility to work with almost anyone who is in need of our help. If you are early on in your career and just beginning your financial journey, we have a Financial Planning Starter package that could be a fit for you. If you are later on in your career and looking to plan for retirement, you can check out our Financial Planning Essentials/Advanced or Retirement Planning packages.

We suggest scheduling an introductory call where we can learn more about your financial situation on a deeper level. During that conversation, we can find the appropriate service or package for you. And sometimes, we may suggest that you are doing great and don’t really need our help, and that’s okay too! 

What is the additional fee to include my spouse? 

Nothing. At TPWA, we advise on a household basis. Unless it is a unique situation where finances are completely separate within the household and the advice is different, our packages apply to the entire household.

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