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Ongoing Investment Management

Minimum $500,000 with TPWA

Are you looking to spend less time on managing your investments? Do you want a trusted, licensed professional proactively strategizing and managing your investments? Do you want to ensure you are not missing out on investment opportunities?

What You'll Get:

  • 4 quarterly strategy meetings
  • Ad hoc meetings as necessary
  • Deliverables with investment recommendations from a licensed professional
  • Portfolio analysis of current holdings
  • Objective advice tailored to your goals

What We’ll Do:

  • Identify risk tolerance and investment goals
  • Evaluate your current holdings and investment strategy
  • Provide investment recommendations and perspective
  • Monitor securities and drift
  • Help you implement trades and make changes to your retirement accounts
  • Review alternative investment options
  • Evaluate tax-efficient investment options

Every quarterly strategy meeting will:

  • Evaluate performance and make adjustments to your portfolio
  • Incorporate new trends
  • Schedule next engagement or courtesy call

Plus, add on our Financial Planning Essentials within 12 months and get $500 off!

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