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Financial Planning Complete

This package is ideal for those who value 360-degree coverage on all of their financial planning considerations and the convenience of white glove service. Our Complete engagement extends beyond the Starter and Essentials packages by offering a more comprehensive approach to investment strategies with a focus on tax efficiencies and coordination with your accountant.

Our services are for you if most of the following applies to your situation:

  • You have young children or are expecting your first child.
  • Your household income is greater than $350,000/year.
  • You don't have the time to be proactive with your family's finances. You may enjoy managing your family's finances, but your time is best used in other ways.
  • You have life transitions on the horizon for you like getting married, growing your family, moving, etc.
  • You are a business owner/aspiring to be a business owner in the near future.
  • You have over $100,000 in student loan debt.
  • You receive stock options/restricted stock through your employer.
  • You need someone to quarterback communication and make introductions to other experts (CPAs, estate attorneys, life insurance agents, mortgage brokers, etc.)

What You'll Get:

  • Experienced advisors for your financial considerations
  • 6+ Meetings or Calls
  • Coordination of tax-planning with your CPA
  • Deliverables that provide insight and move you towards action
  • A reliable process to address financial planning needs
  • Unlimited email and virtual support!

What We’ll Do (in addition to Starter + Essentials package):

  • Create and help execute and investment strategy
  • Develop strategy for your equity compensation (RSUs, ESPP, ISOs, NSOs)
  • Coordinate tax-planning with your CPA as required
  • Ensure you have the proper insurance
  • Design a plan to pay for your children’s education
  • Optimize the value of your employee benefits
  • Planning for and assistance with major purchases (i.e. home, car, etc)
  • Review custodial account contributions
  • Conduct Traditional versus Roth contribution analysis
  • Run long-term financial freedom projections


We deliver on this engagement in 90 days or less

Bundle with our Estate Planning package, and save $500: 

We provide Education of the following:

  • Revocable Trust
  • Property and Asset transfer 
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive and HIPAA Release
  • Trusts 

The Onboarding Process - The First 8 Weeks

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