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Topic-Specific Packages

Our mission is to empower people to maximize their financial potential and be the trusted financial partner they are looking for.

Financial planning is a journey, not a destination.

Pre and Post IPO Planning

  • Stock options exercise strategy
  • Liquidity & cashflow considerations
  • Tax-efficient diversification strategies
  • Concentrated stock strategies

$4,000 - $7,500

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Home Buying Essentials

  • Can I afford the home I want?
  • Model out the impact of my cashflow.
  • Help me evaluate mortgage options.
  • Plan for property tax and maintenance expenses.
  • How much of a down payment should I put down?
  • Which assets are best to liquidate for my down payment?
  • Do I need additional life insurance to back the loan?


Total Consultation Hours: 3

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Tax Planning

  • Backdoor & Mega backdoor Roth strategy (invest in private companies, putting money in a Roth even if you are above the income limit, etc.)
  • Tax-efficient liquidation planning (using lines of credit to achieve tax-efficiency, qualified opportunity zones, etc,)
  • Tax Sheltered (tax-qualified life insurance, tax-sheltered annuities, etc.)
  • Estate Tax mitigation strategy


Total Consultation Hours: 4

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